Friday, May 27, 2011

Friends of God

I love the saints. The real ones. St. Philip Neri, for example. Through them, I am starting to figure out who the real St. John Sims Baker is supposed to be. He is not the saint that so many people imagine or want him to be. The perfect priest who knows exactly what he is doing, is ready to lead a crusade to make everything right in the Church and in the world, etc. Nope. He does not exist. The real one is a priest, indeed. A priest who finds the Lord Jesus in the midst of the craziness and failures of his life, which somehow end up not being failures when turned over to the Lord. A priest in communion. I often feel that when I am doing my best, I am imposing on others. That turns out to be communion for me. A priest who prays and then tells others what God has told him in prayer. That is the bit about never having an original thought. The saint in me is simply finding Jesus in me. He really is there. It is such a delight to find Him there where I never expected Him to be - in me. That's why I love all the things that are crazy about my life. That is where I find Him. When I try to get things just right, I lose Him. But when I abandon myself to what He is clearly calling me to do at the moment, then He is there in me. And in the who and the what he has set before me. The one last confession at night before going to the rectory, the call early in the morning to the hospital, the oratory time to pray and talk with others. I have no trouble at all recognizing Him in the tabernacle, but in my heart? -- yes. It is always yes in Him.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's the end of the world, and I feel fine

Once again, the end of the world or the rapture or something has come and gone to no effect, not to mention Y2K and global warming hysteria. In all of this, where is the early Christians' prayer: "Come, Lord Jesus"? The end of this world means the coming of Jesus in glory. This is Good News, I hope -- literally.

I am more and more convinced of the supreme sanity of the early Christians. I think that they are the best model for us in living out our faith. We should not rule this world or condemn this world but rather live as if this world is exactly what it is: passing away. I love this world in so far as I can glorify God and save souls. I despise this world in so far as it has contempt for God and ruins souls. In the end, I do not take much notice of this world.

Funny thoughts on the way to the beach! If Jesus comes this week, I hope that He will find me there loving Him and His creation and my family. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sabbath rest

Fatigue, raw emotions, uncertainty, etc. make for a precarious situation. That is where I have been this week. I navigated it pretty well, although there were moments!

I arrived at St. Louis Abbey yesterday afternoon, and did not find what I expected to find. But all was well. I was taken in by a friend who had extra room and had the best rest I have had in a long time. And now this morning a good time and place to pray. And free Internet. Yes, it is good to break the routine, if the routine has been unsustainable. I need to do something about that.

I am looking forward to Mike Stock and Laura Steiner's wedding this afternoon. It is really a happy duty to be here. They were each so instrumental in the early days of Vanderbilt Catholic.

I have good company for the ride home this evening. Things ares good.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things Change

Well, I just had a sweet visit from Chad and CeeCee. They knew that I was doing some work here at Frassati House and stopped by. Earlier in the evening a group had popped in and out going to McDougal's. They invited me; but as I had eaten lunch there, I declined. I no longer have the literal intestinal fortitude of a college student, although I do end up living like one a good bit. A graduate of just last week stopped by to pick up and pay for a bicycle he had bought from Chad. I ended up being the unexpected agent of payment and delivery. Now back to work and the summer quiet of Frassati House. Tomorrow, off to St. Louis for the wedding of Mike Stock and Laura Steiner, student officers when I arrived at Vanderbilt. My how things change.

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