Friday, November 29, 2013

Compare and Contrast

Here is the top article from the front page of Wednesday's Tennessean: Diocese of Nashville

And here is the article just below it: Vanderbilt

See why it is fun being the representative of one at the other?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pope refers to Robert Hugh Benson!

Really amazing that Pope Francis has read Lord of the World But it is so.

It's the best apocalyptic novel that I've read.  I like his historical novels of the English Reformation as well  -- and best of all his contemporary novels (early 20th century England).  Msgr. Benson was the son of an Archbishop of Canterbury.  He converted to Catholicism, became a priest, and was the Catholic chaplain at Cambridge.  He supported his work with his novels, which he churned out at an amazing pace.  They are amazingly good, considering.  He had a brother who wrote comic novels!

C. S. Lewis, Rest in Peace

Friday, November 22 is the 50th anniversary of the death of ... C. S. Lewis.  Yes, Lewis died the same day that JFK was assassinated. 

Let me say first that I do not unreservedly endorse C. S. Lewis.  For example, he had two good Catholic critics who can point out some of his errors: Elizabeth Anscombe from the point of view of philosophy and his good friend J. R. R. Tolkein from the point of view of art and life.

Nevertheless, I recommend him and quote him all the time.  He is a great porta fidei, although I fear that he is becoming dated by the total overthrow of reason in intellectual circles. I think that he will be best remembered for the way he engages his imagination in the service of faith, which is something that we do too little of.  Too often we forget that imagination is a power of the soul and therefore most fully engaged when giving form to that which we know by faith.  Just as faith is a way of knowing so imagination is a way of seeing.  We must see what we believe, as the Gospel yesterday said: "Lord, please let me see."  Lewis lets us see virtues and vices, angels and demons better than just about anyone I know.

So let us pray for the repose of the soul of C. S. Lewis!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Week of November: Death and Dying

Well, November is proving true to form.  The first week was all about death and dying: funerals, anointings, etc.  It was a heavy but great week.

The most beautiful part of the week was the funeral of Fr. Terrance McGowan's father, one of our newly ordained priests.  It was a poignant moment for me for many reasons, but the funeral itself was simply profound, in particular Fr. McGowan's homily.  Maybe I can preach that well someday!

Something for Remembrance Day:

Finally, please pray for the Nashville Awakening XIII retreat this weekend!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What fathers are for...

Go read this from...the Huffington Post -- what?!  No, it really good.

Maybe this is what FTFH is becoming: shreds of sanity from the secular press.  We'll see :-)

UCat Dominicans -- not the one in the middle!

Newly named Br. Cyprian and newly professed Br. Pachomius, O.P. at St. Gertrude's, Cincinnati, Ohio, August 15, 2017

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